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Founded in 1984, CHUNG HAN INCORPORATED contributes to the development of small and medium sized industrial plants. Since its entry into the modern manufacturing industries in 1984 with the opening of its work, CHUNG HAN has grown and expanded its fields into Plastic, Paper, medical package and metal work plants engineering.

CHUNG HAN INC., provides all kinds of technical services required from converting industrial technology to commercially viable facilities and achieving project objectives. Since its founding, CHUNG HAN INC. has gained a reputation of delivery projects on time and evolved into a highly diversified corporation specialized in engineering of processing plant both qualities and services in reasonable prices. The scope of CHUNG HAN's service is greatly diversified, ranging from turn-key contracts for specific study, planning, designing, procurement, construction and operation services. Technical aids are under the control of CHUNG HAN INC.'s work.

Look at us for your present and future with belief. Our staff at 'CHUNG HAN INC.' believes that we could be of your assistant as a first and life-long lasting partner innovating the economy of your country.


On behalf of Chung Han family members, I would like to express my sincere thanks for your utmost supports rendered to the remarkable growth of Chung Han Incorporated to leading manufacturer-exporters and plant engineering in small & medium scale industrial plants (medical / pharmaceutical, plastic, paper converting, packing and metal works...) during last thirty five years since it was found in 1984.

Having designed plants as farmer's mind in planting seeds to adapt the specific of each country with our advanced technology and accumulated experience, we have been exporting of four hundred ninety (400) plants in 41 nations since 1984

Since 1986, we have opened branch offices in Lagos, Nigeria(1986), Region office In Tehran, Iran(1995), Morocco (1998), In addition, we established a Joint-Venture company (As-Bud Limited) in Kiev, Ukraine(1998) as part of globalization strategy. We, all Chung Han family members, are firmly determined to continue our best for the better serving customers and make every endeavor steadily to act up to their expectation with our company Motto "Credence and Diligence" which is symbolized by our mascot, "ANT".
We sincerely hope for a prosperity in your business and should be most grateful if you would allow us to serve you.
Thank you very much.

President Sang soo Kim